Real-Tips Course Curriculum

*Included in Advanced Customized Course

Underwriting Preparation

An actual delegated government mortgage underwriter will review your financial profile. We show you how to meet the various program guidelines so that you do not have costly last-minute underwriting issues. Custom Plan of Action provided.

 ($1,000 value)

Advanced Credit Analysis / Repair

We will show you several ways to improve your credit score. Some of these techniques work in as little as 30 days and require no debt to be paid off.

 ($500 value)

Income Analysis / Budget Training

Your consultant will provide you with a detailed report outlining your income and debt ratio based on standard underwriting principles. We provide you with a workbook that has budgeting tips designed to help you manage your finances.

 ($300 value)

Property Search Training

We will teach you how to do your own research on the suitability of a potential home. There are some things you may want to know about a property or location that a real-estate broker is not allowed to tell you.

 ($200 value)

FSBO Training

In the event you want to purchase a home without a real-estate agent, (For Sale by Owner) you will learn tips that can help you structure a purchase offer that has your best interest in mind.

 ($200 value)

Negotiation Training

Money is power. Learn how to use YOUR leverage as the buyer. We will show you several techniques on how to negotiate with lenders, real estate brokers and sellers to potentially save 10s of thousands throughout the transaction. We provide a Workbook with scripts and sample offer structures at the end of course.


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