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As industry insiders, we at, have learned how to capitalize on each step of the home buying process to benefit ourselves and our families. 

       Our Real-Tips Customized 90-Minute Course will… 

  • Exposure insider tips and techniques to LITERALLY save you THOUSANDS with lenders, real estate agents and home sellers.
  • You will receive mortgage underwriting preparation provided by real government delegated underwriters.
  • Insider credit improvement/repair tips tailored to your credit profile so you can get your LOWEST interest rate.
  • Budget preparedness training & more.

                ONLY $375 (our course pays for itself guaranteed*)

Real Estate + Real Education = Real Savings

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► Your lender is allowed to give you up to $500 cash back at closing. Most will not.
Our consultants will show you how to identify the lenders that will.
*After the course your Real-Tips expert can help you secure a reputable lender that follows our course protocols and allows a $500 rebate at closing and still keep interest rates competitive.
In effect, making our premium course free and putting $125 in your pocket!

► Your (buyer’s agent) the real-estate agent you hire to represent you in your purchase, is legally allowed to share $1000’s of their commission with you at closing.
We show you how to locate willing brokerages in your area and negotiate this rebate amount.

► The home seller is allowed to pay up to 6% of the purchase price in closing expenses for you.
We will teach you how to request this rebate and negotiate other savings resulting $1000s being saved on your total transaction.

“An investment is knowledge that pays the best interest” Ben Franklin

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  • Find your dream house
  • Call a bank or lender
  • Choose a real estate agent

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Need a One Stop Shop?

If you decide you don’t want to spend the time and energy yourself to utilize the tips we teach you…. no worries! is an educational service only, but we have in place for our clients that want it, pre-arranged discounts with lenders and real estate brokers resulting in thousands of dollars in savings to you.

Our program is designed to offer you a seamless real estate purchasing experience- Beginning with education and ending with you in your dream home…at a discount.  
** more details provided during course**

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Anne C. - 12/20/2022
Anne C. - 12/20/2022Phoenix, AZ
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“The tips I learned saved me $5000 on the sale of my home in AZ. I look forward to using the information from this course to save even more money when I purchase my retirement home in TN this spring.”
Neville J. - 1/16/2023
Neville J. - 1/16/2023Rocky Mount, NC
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“This course info helped me greatly when I purchased my home from a FSBO (for sale by owner) in NC.”
Charla C. - 2/4/2023
Charla C. - 2/4/2023Nashville, NC
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"I saved $4000 in real-estate commission fees when I sold my investment property. I shopped around for a listing agent on my terms using the techniques in this course."


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